An organisation with a mission


Legamaster is the visual communication division of edding AG, the leading manufacturer of high-quality marking and writing instruments.

A market leader & pioneer in digital presentation with a sustainable mission, Legamaster is a member of the 1% for the planet initiative and all products are built with a green heart.

If you are looking for professional displays and touch screens to put you in complete control of your presentation, look no further! Legamaster has designed various ranges to specifically meet the needs of modern offices and educational facilities.

Image of PANORAMA 105"

Widen your perspective with the all new PANORAMA touch display

With a wow-factor 105” screen in 21:9 ultra-wide format, is boasts a fast and precise 20 simultaneous touch point system and 5K resolution.

Suitable in applications such as conference, creative and classroom environments it offers 30% more active surface area to work on with compared to the conventional 16:9 format, transforming meetings, presentations, and workshops into an experience.


Click here to download the PANORAMA datasheet